Second Neighbouring Languages Conference in May 2023

14. Apr 2023

Second Neighbouring Languages Conference in May 2023

After the great success at the Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade October 2022, on 24 May the EMRLingua team will present the second edition of the Neighbouring Languages Conference, focusing on the promotion of the neighbouring languages German, French and Dutch. This time our event will take place at the Nell-Breuning-Haus in Herzogenrath.

Make a note of this date: 24.05.2023.

The second Neighbour Languages Conference will take place from 09:00 to 15:00 in the Nell-Breuning-Haus. On this day, teachers in the field of language teaching will again be able to meet and exchange their respective experiences and projects in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Once again, schools from the five sub-regions will be honoured in the conference rooms for their efforts in promoting language teaching and Euregional culture. Ten school institutions will receive their first Euregioprofileschool and Euregioschool certifications in the morning.

After the lunch break we will move on to the practical part. Three project partners will lead workshops on language teaching for the afternoon. There will be something for everyone!


The more formal morning in the main hall begins with a welcome address by the Mayor of Herzogenrath, Dr Benjamin Fadavian. Afterwards, Ms LL. M. Susanne Sivonen from theITEM Institute at Maastricht University will give a lecture (in English) entitled "Cross-border education in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR): legal obstacles and opportunities". The highlight of the day will undoubtedly be the certification of the ten institutions as Euregioprofileschool and Euregioschool for their commitment to promoting the neighbouring languages German, French and Dutch. The following schools will be honoured on that day:

The afternoon will be more practical, thanks to workshops organised trilingually by the project partners StädteRegion Aachen, ITEM Institute and UCLL:

"Aus der Praxis für die Praxis" -  StädteRegion Aachen 
An exchange of ideas on euregional teaching materials for primary and secondary schools and vocational colleges.
This workshop will be given twice during the afternoon (see registration).

"Spreekdurf aanwakeren in je les!" - UCLL
Concrete tools and tips for primary and secondary teachers teaching a foreign language. Playful and dynamic teaching methods for children are explored, as well as insights and support for teachers and pupils

"Ik spreek jouw taal! Uitwisselingen over de grenzen heen." - UCLL
Looking for working methods that encourage learners to use the target language. What would be the activities that could be used during cross-border student exchanges, whether physical or digital?

"Maastricht University Challenge: Sharing knowledge, gathering ideas." - ITEM-Institut
An initial multilingual quiz about languages, cultures and education in our border region, followed by an exchange among participants about their own challenges in neighbouring language teaching.
This workshop will be given twice during the afternoon (see registration).
Beware! The number of participants for this workshop is limited to 15 people per session!

Below you will find the daily programme of our second neighbouring languages conference in Herzogenrath with a link to the registration form.

We are already looking forward to your participation!

Grosser Saal Nell-Breuning-Haus

Wiesenstrasse 17
D - 52134 Herzogenrath