Year In Review - EMRLingua in 2022

06. Feb 2023

The year 2023 is already in full swing and promises some exciting developments. 2022 was also a very intensive but also successful year for the Interreg V project EMRLingua and the Coordination Centre for Neighbour Language Promotion in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. So it is time for a brief review of what has been achieved and what has been accomplished.

EMRLingua is running at full speed
For the EMRLingua team and project partners, 2022 was a very productive year. Not only was the EMRLingua team able to demonstrate the full operational capability of the coordination centre, but also to significantly strengthen our online presence via the official website and social media, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
And even though our work to strengthen the German, Dutch and French languages in schools is mostly behind the scenes (contacting teachers and principals, mediating between potential partner schools, etc.), there are some very visible successes.

Cross-border school mobilities

Cross-border school mobilities are all about intercultural exchange and on-site application of the languages learned. Thanks to the funding provided by the respective project partners, around three thousand pupils were able to take part in cross-border school trips and exchanges.
Various classes visited Liège, Maastricht, Tongern or the Aachen area and were able to put their language skills to the test in a natural environment. Extracurricular places of learning were also visited and/or projects were implemented with schools from the neighbouring region. The euregional school partnerships thus also gained momentum again, thanks to initiatives by motivated teachers who set up projects and exchanges and enabled their pupils to put what they had learned into practice.

Die Schulnetzwerke „Euregioprofilschule“ und „Euregioschule“

NAfter almost three years of standstill due to the Covid crisis, the Euregional school networks of the Euregioprofileschools and Euregiochools are also reviving. Eleven schools from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine were awarded the respective label for their efforts to promote the languages of the region, German, French and Dutch. The certification commission awarded the Euregio(profile)school labels to the following schools:
Certified Euregioschool for the first time:
· Vista College
· Connect College Echt
· Sophianum
· Gesamtschule Eifel in Blankenheim
· Berufskolleg Nord of StädteRegion Aachen
· Königliches Athenäum Soumagne
· Bischöfliches Institut Büllingen

Grupenfoto Nachbarsprachenkonferenz Rolduc Kerkrade - 19102022
Logo Euregioprofilschule

The schools below were able to reaffirm their labels:

· Athenäum César Franck Kelmis, which changed from Euregioprofileschool to Euregioschool 
· Gesamtschule Mechernich for Euregioprofileschool
· Westzipfelschule Selfkant for Euregioprofileschool, but also Euregioschool
· Kindcentrum Wyck for Euregioschool

These institutions were subsequently honoured during the Neighbouring Languages Conference in Kerkrade on 19 October.

As a consequence of the success of this event, new schools have subsequently submitted their applications for the labels and are now expecting their certification in January 2023. Thus, in the end, we can state that the euregional school networks are reviving and even growing!

Teacher training “Masterplan”

The Neighbour Language Conference in Kerkrade was also the occasion for the launch of "Masterplan", the in-service training programme for language teachers. Under the leadership of the project partner UCLL Leuven-Limburg, the first learning groups and partnerships between schools were formed, and the first phase was launched. Several meetings and exchanges, both physical and digital, could already take place in 2022.
Thanks to the new "Lesson Study" method, teachers can now face the current challenges in language teaching.

Launch Masterplan Kerkrade

And the outlook for 2023?

A lot more is in store for this year! Following the success of the Neighbouring Languages Conference in Kerkrade, several schools have signed up for the "Euregio Profile School" and "Euregio School" networks, and will be awarded for their commitment to neighbouring language promotion. To this end, another neighbouring languages conference will be organised in May this year (on 24.05. at the Nell Breuning House in Herzogenrath), which will present the results of the project, including the multimedia geography book

The various tasks and targets to be achieved by the project are nearing completion thanks to the efforts of all the project partners. Be it the scientific research of the ITEM Institute or the digital teaching materials that will be made available on the website, this year 2023 still has a lot to offer.

Stay tuned and don't miss anything!